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Import Clerance of Goods

This is when a client from the local community buys any kind of goods from other countries bringing it into Zambia. It has to pass through customs for clearance for verification and tax purposes; hence the client needs to present the export document to Frontways..

Export Clerance of Goods

This is the type of declaration made whenever the goods are being exported from one country to another and customs taxies and verification will be required if all is well the release order will be issued and the goods will be released.

Removal in Transit

This is the kind of declaration were the goods are just passing through the country going to the final destination country, goods will have to go under customs verification and are being monitored from port of entry up to the port of exit within 5 days.

Temporal Import Permit

This is a permit given to a client who is importing a vehicle or other goods just for work purposes up to a given period of time, there after the goods must be returned. Mostly the permit is valid for up to one year but can be extended.

Customs Import Permit

This is a permit given to a foreigner who comes with a car for a temporal visit and is only valid for 6 months.

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